On this retreat, we take a break from busy routines and we enter into a state where you can sink into deep relaxation by living blissfully in the present moment surrounded by nature.
Practicing all of the aspects of yoga including silent walks, seated meditation, cleansing pranayama (breath work), powerful asana (posture work), uplifting chanting, and learning philosophy allows you to create the space in your life for positive connection and personal transformation.
You will leave inspired and uplifted to face whatever path you are on. Join us for your own solo adventure, bring a friend, or invite your loved one!


Susan has been highly influenced in her teaching by Baron Baptiste whom she met for the first time during her Teacher Training Level I in 2001. Little did she know how much it would change her life!

Already a practitioner of Jivamukti Yoga she was attracted by the accessibility of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga and Baron’s application of the wisdom of Yoga. In the process of awakening to what had been holding her back to that point in life, it took her three days and many tears to realize how much she had been trying to live up to an unreachable ideal, suffering under the pressure of being recognized as a dancer and breaking apart because her so called dreams were not materializing. Suddenly, on the fourth day, in child’s pose, which she was always dreading to get into, while everyone was still moving and sweating, she started to let go. Letting go of ambition, competition, struggle, and self-hatred; and silently, with her eyes closed she began to smile. This time the tears that where dropping on the mat weren’t tears of pain but pure joy …

Susan teaches from a place of joy and from a place of gratitude for the practice of Yoga on the mat and beyond. Physically challenging students and constantly reminding them to be responsible and aware of the body’s moods in each single moment while taking every breath, as if it would be the last one. Standing in the moment facing what is and letting go of what’s no longer necessary to hold on to. Susan teaches with passion. She believes that to be whole, we need to feel the body, to find peace in the heart, and experience equanimity in the mind.

Susan is co-founder and director of Leela Yoga. She continues to train with Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest and Rod Stryker and is currently teaching classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in Switzerland and the United States.